Tidepool Employee Handbook



At Tidepool, we’re working to build an inclusive company with a value-driven culture. That’s an easy thing to want and say, but it’s difficult to practice because exclusion is often the default in our industries (both software and medical devices). It takes active effort to find the hidden biases in our companies and remove them.

This Handbook contains all of the policies that we use at Tidepool. It represents many hours of research, lots of thoughtful debates, and some serious introspection. It’s certainly not perfect, but we think it’s a great place to start. Our handbook aims to familiarize you with the way we work, and how do business and engage in the community. Please leave any suggestions, questions or comments on this page, to help us to improve as we grow.

Just like the Tidepool Employee Handbook was originally derived from the Clef Employee Handbook, we encourage you to take full advantage of this Handbook (which we make available via a Creative Commons license), to use any or all of these policies, and to modify them in whatever way makes sense for your company. We hope that by publishing them, other companies can benefit from our research and make their own policies more inclusive.

We’ve organized the Tidepool Employee Handbook into six sections to reflect different aspects of employee life:

If you work at Tidepool, you are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with this handbook. Our goal is to provide you with a work environment that is constructive and supports both personal and professional growth.

We anticipate changes will be made to this handbook over time. We reserve the right to amend, revise and/or withdraw the provisions set forth in the handbook. Any time a new version of the Employee Handbook is made public, employees are required to sign the acknowledgement again.

If you do not work at Tidepool, and you like what you read, consider checking out our job openings.

@Howard Look, CEO

The content of the Tidepool Employee Handbook is licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.