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Tidepool Mobile is dropping Basal insulin records from Health that are 24hrs or longer



  • If a User is manually entering Basal insulin injections of long acting insulin in Apple Health, the Start and end time for the time are likely to be 24 hrs or more.

  • From Larry: "they are being filtered; service had a 24 hour max for basals, looks like they are moving to 5 days - one of the problems with trying to keep in sync with service side value checks. Can you file a trello card on this, it's a matter of changing a constant."

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Affected areas

  • Tidepool Mobile

Risk assessment

Reference: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17mb--4AeFVAgNJLEIE6obXIVjeu0ST7i2cYAsziu8Vc/edit?usp=sharing

NOTE: Risk assessment is the risk (probability and severity) of the adverse event occurring, not the probability of the bug occurring. See above for details.

  • Probability of an adverse event (and one sentence on why) Improbable - I do not think many users are manually entering their insulin to Health

  • Severity of the potential adverse event: Negligible, I think users will realize that the basals were not imported and be inconvenienced by not having the data visible

  • Risk Level: 1

  • Mitigation Plan: fix this bug

  • Probability:

  • Severity:

  • Risk level:

  • Mitigation Plan:

User Experience Assessment
Reference: Draft Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t3ludwd-eMoFdiK2IW_s-HXrGCDSMUW7EDgyoO9HZqg/edit#

  • Severity: User Confusion - I see the data in Health, why can't I see it in Tidepool Mobile?

  • Issue Volume:
    A - # of distinct Clinician Reports: 0
    B - # of distinct User Reports: 0
    C - # of discoveries by Tidepool employees (testing, dogfooding, etc) -1
    D - # of occurrences according to logs (Rollbar, Kissmetrics, etc). 0

Issue Volume Index = 3A + B + 1 + D = 1

  • Issue Level: 4
    Using the table, enter a numeric value and escalate based upon score.

Test Strategies

  • Upload data to tidepool with 24 hr basal records and confirm they are imported.

  • Upload data set with bassal records longer than 24 hours

  • Confirm records over 5 days continue to fail.

Verification Test

  • [Include link to test document]

Approved for production by

  • [Howard / Brandon]

Tags & Release Notes

  • TBD

Done Criteria

Basal insulin readings entered into Health and lasting over 24hrs can be imported into Tidepool via Mobile Health sync

Design Specifications:


Accessibility Specifications


Test Strategy





Janet Diehl
June 28, 2019, 3:43 AM

Larry Kenyon Apr 18 at 7:12 AM (edited)

The current app doesn't upload basals with a duration greater than 24 hours. I’ve changed the uploader framework to use 7 days which appears to be the duration limit in the current service. What’s documented is 5 days. Originally 24 hours was the limit for the design.

For the current mobile app it would also be difficult to visualize this in the graph as 7 days of basal data would need to be fetched to catch the entry. I'd recommend adding this as a test case to the RN version running with the new uploader framework. The fix for uploading is simple and could be rolled into the current app if any more issues need fixing there.

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Becky Cooney
June 30, 2020, 2:31 AM

I just confirmed with Lenny that the Tidepool backend can now accept basal readings 5 days long, so this could be implemented. (Personally I believe this would be best for after the RN launch. (This would allow basal insulin readings over 24hr from Health to be imported into Tidepool) Updated card to include Done Criteria



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